The 4 Stages of Wall Failure

Tuesday, May 19th, 2020 by Anthony Dotson

Here is a brief overview of the scary and quick road to wall failure and collapse. If you think this might be a concern in your home, please read!

1) A Crack Appears

Cracks are unfortunately common in the walls or your foundation and they are important to keep an eye on, especially this time of year (click here to find out why). If you find a small crack, don’t panic! It is a good idea to give us a call, but we definitely suggest marking the size of the crack with tape or pencil to see if it grows! 

2) The Crack Expands

If your crack expands past the points you (hopefully) marked off, it is definitely time to give us a call before the wall bows. We do not strongly recommend DIY crack resolution, please click here to read more about this.

3) The Wall Bows

After a crack expands, the wall will eventually bow if it is not addressed. If one of your foundational walls is bowing, call us immediately! Things get radically worse from the start of your wall bowing. After it begins to bow, collapse becomes a very real and near possibility. If your home gets to this point, it is a shockingly quick road to collapse. 

4)The Wall Collapses

Though it is very scary to think about the foundation of your home literally collapsing from beneath you, it is possible. This is why it is crucial to pay attention to your home! Your home tells you through little signs and signals if things are not operating smoothly! We ask that you routinely check for cracks in your foundational walls so we can avoid the last 3 steps towards wall failure! If you wait until this point to get help, it will be very costly and potentially dangerous. 


The 4 Stages of Wall Failure - Image 1

If this image is familiar to you, call us ASAP!!!! (Photo was taken in Dulles, VA)


If you have a crack in your wall or a bowing wall, please take this post seriously and give us a call for a free audit and estimate. 


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