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Window Well Replacement Sterling VA

We removed the existing window well for this Sterling VA home because it was collecting water rather than keeping it away from the windows.  The leaking windows lead the water into the basement of the home.  We replaced it with our Sun House window well and cover.  

Sterling VA Cold Basement Project

This Sterling VA basement was too cold and the homeowners wanted to change that.  They called us and had one of our Basement Performance experts (Carl) come out to see how we could help.  Carl identified a need to air seal and insulate the top of the basement walls.  This would not only insulate the space better than it had been, but it would also eliminate the ability for cold outside air to come inside. Outside air could bring not only cold temperatures, but dust and allergens inside of the home.  Sealing up the space with spray foam was the solution. 

Leesburg VA Crawlspace Upgrade

This Leesburg, VA home was suffering from a high risk of water damage and mold growth, and a musty odor that was permeating the home. This was having a serious negative impact on the comfort level of the home. When our sales professional Matt went out to the property to perform a full home inspection, he determined that the best course of action to end their discomfort would be to waterproof the primary areas of concern namely the crawlspace. Matt explained to the homeowners that the primary cause of their discomfort was the complete lack of adequate waterproofing within the crawlspace. After the homeowners agreed to Matt's solution our service crews went out to get to work on the home. The crews started by removing the old inadequate tarp that served as the only method of waterproofing. Then they Installed TerraBlock floor insulation in the crawlspace. After that, they installed CleanSpace covering to add an additional layer of waterproofing. Finally, the crew added SilverGlo rigid foam insulation to the walls to act as a final layer of insulation to keep the home comfortable.

Leesburg VA Crawl Space Solution

This Leesburg VA crawl space was in bad shape before our Home Performance Sales Pro Eric came out to perform a free home inspection.  Eric was able to identify a need for our CleanSpace and SilverGlo  products to help manage the water and moisture in the crawl space and keep the space properly insulated.  This will help improve the air quality of the home as well as the comfort and energy efficiency.  

Leesburg VA Basement Waterproofing Discharge Lines

This Leesburg VA home had a full basement waterproofing project done.  The interior of the home was equipped with a full Water Guard System to collect and deliver unwanted water to the newly installed Ultra Sump Pump which would then send the water outside of the home.  In order to keep that same water from working its way back to the foundation of the home, it would need to be sent far away from the home.  After installing the discharge lines from the outside of the home and Ice Guard to keep the pipes from freezing up, several feet of Lawn Escape was buried in the ground and finished with a grate cover to allow the water to move down hill into the back yard of the home, away from the house.  

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