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3 Pros Basement Systems Case Studies: Crawl Space Encapsulation in Deltaville, VA

Friday, April 19th, 2019 by John LeVan


The Crawl Space was damp and musty.  Equipment within the crawl space was being degraded by the environmental conditions including rusty steel case around the HVAC system and water treatment electronics that were not functioning properly.  The Crawl Space was loaded with insects.


The Crawl Space was conditioned after the installation of a bulk water management system including drain tiles and a sump pump to remove any bulk water that may leak into the crawl before it could cause any damage.  Then, the house was isolated from the earth through the use of Terra Block floor insulation , and Cleanspace vapor barrier that was installed on the ground and up the walls to prevent vapor intrusion.  Lastly, a dehumidifier (Sedona crawl space Dehumidifier) was added to condition the air in the crawl space.  Through this process, all vents were covered and sealed, and a customer Everlast Door was installed to reduce air infiltration into the crawl space.

When completed, the environment in the crawl space is consistent with the living space above.  It is drier, and the temperature is close to the rooms above.  Insects are less likely to thrive there, and the mechanical equipment is operating in a less hostile environment.  The solution should improve the comfort of the home owner and improve the durability of the home.

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Project Summary

Engineer: John LeVan

Installer: Larry Hogan

Installer: Sincere Kirabo

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John LeVan is a Mechanical Engineer trained at Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science. John also has an advance degree in Operations Management from Cornell University.
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