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3 Pros Basement Systems Case Studies: Wall Crack Repair in Sterling, VA

Friday, January 17th, 2020 by Crystal Bonner


A homeowner in Sterling, VA had a vertical crack in his basement that was allowing water to come through when it rained. Vertical cracks are usually due to soil settlement. Settling soil creates additional pressure on a foundation wall and can lead to cracking. Vertical cracks often admit significant amounts of water and must be repaired as it becomes worse if it is ignored. 


3 Pros Basement Systems has the solution to these vertical foundation cracks. We use a product called FlexiSpan. FlexiSpan is a patented crack repair system that was developed after years of research. The FlexiSpan system is an alternative to epoxy injection, another crack-sealing technique sometimes used by contractors. FlexiSpan is a fix that won't fail! This crack repair system from Basement Systems provides fail safe protection from leaking cracks. It seals the crack but also includes a hidden foam strip to channel any possible water seepage to the sump pump.


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