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3 Pros Basement Systems Case Studies: French Drain Installation with Fireplace Obstruction - Dunn Loring, VA

Tuesday, April 28th, 2020 by Jason Brown


This homeowner was having trouble controlling moisture leaks in his walls which were not only damaging to the structure of the home, but were also causing the room to feel damp and chilly. It was clear that this customer needed a full perimeter french drain to be installed to reroute the water and stop the moisture leakage. However, a brick fireplace in the corner of the room was preventing the full perimeter installation. Disassembling an entire fireplace and installing an interior french drain system is definitely not a DIY job!



In order to get the fireplace out of the way so we could install the french drain system, the 3 Pros team took apart the fireplace brick by brick. The customer no longer wanted the fireplace so reassembly was not required. Many buckets of bricks later, the interior french drain was installed to stop the walls from trapping moisture and leaking. Thanks to 3 Pros Basement Systems, the fireplace was successfully taken apart and removed from the house and the homeowner no longer struggles with an uncomfortable room and leaky walls!

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Evaluator: Jason Brown

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