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3 Pros Basement Systems Case Studies: Crawl Space With CleanSpace and SilverGlo Installation

Thursday, July 9th, 2020 by Ashley Walther


A homeowner in Round Hill, VA contacted us to encapsulate and insulate her crawl space. There had been a previous vapor barrier installed, but it was poorly sealed and was not doing a sufficient job of keeping the rooms around the crawl space at a conditioned temperature. Underneath this liner was a rocky dirt crawl space, and black plastic tarp that was being used to seal their radon fan (more about sealing for radon fans can be found here). 


We proposed a solution that would replace both the old vapor barrier and the plastic tarp with CleanSpace 20 mil. liner to seal the whole space and the radon fan. The CleanSpace liner does a much better job of achieving an airtight seal around a radon fan. Additionally, because this crawl space was not used for storage or recreational access, we would install SilverGlo insulation on the walls to keep the surrounding rooms cool in the summer and warm in the winter, instead of the opposite. 

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