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3 Pros Basement Systems Case Studies: Thermal Dry Basement Flooring in McLean, VA

Tuesday, January 5th, 2021 by Crystal Bonner


A homeowner in McLean, VA asked us to come out and take a look at his basement. He has a walk-up basement and the drain got clogged, leaving him with a flooded basement and soaked carpet that had to come out. Carpet often has to be replaced when installed in a basement. Foam carpet padding will absorb moisture, attracting mold, dust mites and bad odors. 


You can avoid basement flooring failures like this by installing ThermalDry® Basement Floor Matting, which is what we installed in this home. ThermalDry® Floor Matting is a permanent subfloor system, not a temporary installation like wood underlayment. These innovative subfloor tiles are made entirely from reinforced plastic, so they won’t ever absorb moisture or attract mold. ThermalDry® flooring is designed to look better and last longer than any other basement flooring available. It's a beautiful finishing touch for your basement.

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Evaluator: Shayne Sandner

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