Basement Moisture: 5 Common Types

Thursday, May 14th, 2020 by Matt Pascual

Understanding that fighting to keep water out of your basement is an uphill battle can be quite defeating, we are here to help make it seem slightly less daunting!

This is a simple guide of five common sources of moisture that you can look for in your basement. Knowing what to look for is half the battle! 

1. Plumbing Leaks

This type of leak happens in the unfortunate event in which a pipe bursts or is not properly sealed and secured. This type of leak should be rather obvious.

Basement Moisture: 5 Common Types - Image 1

This is a photo of a house in Manassas, VA that had a plumbing leak! 


2. Groundwater Leaks

Groundwater leaks typically present themselves after a big rainstorm. This is more problematic for basements that are subterranean, especially for homes that have egress windows and doors. 

3. Wicking

If water is given an inch, it will take a mile. And believe it or not, the concrete slabs which are most likely your home's foundation are permeable. When the water passes through poured material it is called wicking. The water will seep its way through the walls and the gaps between foundational falls and floors. Once it gets through the porous material it either evaporates into the air in your basement making it very humid, or it drips down the wall and onto the floor. 

We have various solutions if your home is struggling with wicking, click here to look at come options! 

4. Condensation 

This is simply a matter of warm air in the summer coming into contact with the cool conditioned air in your home. The more extreme the difference in temperatures is, the more condensation will develop in your home. This is a type of moisture to really consider depending on the climate of where you live!

5. Vapor Transmission

Vapor transmission is when the muggy air from outside your home comes through the cracks of your basement walls and the vapor of the humid air comes with it. 


If you are struggling to identify moisture in your home and want an expert's opinion, call us to book an appointment.

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