How We Handle The Presence of Pests

Friday, May 29th, 2020 by Ashley Walther

Often times, issues that arise with comfort and insulation in the home go hand in hand with unwelcome critters in your basement or crawl space. While the 3 Pros team doesn't specifically offer traditional pest control, our insulation services are just as much a pest control solution as they are a remediation of internal home systems.

Rodents specifically love to chew through insulation and scurry amongst the insulation of your walls. This can be damaging to the insulation and structure of your home, in turn causing rooms to be too cold, too hot, or even leaky. Our solution to these pesky, uninvited houseguests gets right to the core of problem. First, we air seal the crawl space or basement with clear cell spray foam. But rodents have no problem chewing through the spray foam, so the 3 Pros team adds an extra layer of security. We apply copper wiring over any entrance points, along with the spray foam. Interestingly, rodents can and will chew through steel, but the copper is a truly effective deterrent! This solution prevents pests from returning to the space, while also encapsulating it to ensure conditioned air quality.

Having pests coexisting in your insulation, crawl space, or basement not only compromises the structure of your home, but also poses a health risk. 'Deposits' left behind by our furry friends can impact air quality of the whole home and liveability of the affected space, and if any of these pests die in the basement or crawl space, they will be left to decompose right there in your house - yuck! If you suspect pests are the culprit behind damaged insulation, or if you are finding droppings, consult with the 3 Pros team today for an effective and humane solution to critters in your crawl space (or basement)! 

Check out some photos of an infested crawl space:


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