The Real Cost of a Wet Basement

Saturday, June 13th, 2020 by Madison Parse


There are some issues in our home that we can choose to ignore or do ourselves and some we cannot; a wet basement is one that we cannot. 

A basement for some of us is storage and for others is a place to gather family and friends. Whether you are storing memories or making them in that space, there is legitimate value in keeping that space dry.

If a wet basement is a noticeable issue at this point, you are more than likely past the point of DIY solutions. Of course no one wants a wet basement, but some people are willing to put up with one because calling us and having our team come install a basement waterproofing system sounds really expensive. Unfortunately it is rather expensive, but before writing it off as a feasible option, let’s have a look at what this basement is costing you. 

Here are a few things you have probably already bought to try and handle this yourself.

  • A Shop Vac (to vacuum up the water)

  • Sand Bags (to block water from entering egress windows or doors)

  • Towels (to sop up water)

  • Any exterior solution (please read here for more information)

  • Elevated air tight storage systems (to protect personal belongings)

  • Fans (to dry out the space) 

  • Caulk (to seal any obvious points of entry)

  • Dehumidifier (to pull the moisture out of the air)

  • Remodeling (if you thought the first time your finished basement flooded was going to be the last time) 

So depending on the strategies listed above that you have tried, you may have spent anywhere from $50 to $25,000

Here are some non-material costs that may hurt even more than swiping the credit card. 

  • Time (whether it is patrolling the problematic area when a storm is rolling in or trying to clean up after one)

  • Sleep (knowing your largest investment and asset is vulnerable can leave you with some sleepless nights, especially if you have to guard your basement with a shop vac!)

  • Space. (What was once a valuable space for entertaining guests, your home office, or storage has now vanished!) 

  • Memories. (Many people store old photo albums, their children's preschool artwork, and all of their important paperwork in places like these, which will be the first to be ruined if they have a run in with moisture)

  • Your Sanity. 

If the cost of a wet basement was not clear before, we hope it is now. If this cost is too high for you, give us a call.

(Based on project in Upperville, VA)

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