What to Expect and How to Prepare for Your Appointment

Thursday, June 11th, 2020 by Ashley Walther

If you've scheduled an appointment with 3 Pros Basement Systems for one of our consultants to evaluate a basement, crawl space, or radon issue in your home, here is what to expect from your visit and a few ways to best prepare!

Before Your Appointment

Prior to your scheduled appointment, your sales consultant will reach out to introduce themselves, confirm your availabilty, and answer any preliminary questions you may have. Be sure to check on any 'easy fixes' that might be there. If you have a leaky basement, ensure that all windows and doors are closed and undamaged to rule them out as a culprit. Same goes for clogged drains or sinks - clear them out prior to the inspection to make sure they aren't the reason for pooling water, cracks, or leaks. Our sales consultants will be evaluating the entire affected area, so be sure that the crawl space or basement is accessible and free of any live animal or pest inspections. 

During Your Appointment

One of our experienced sales consultants will come to your home, re-introduce themselves, and provide you with an informational 'warm-up'. They will then access and evaluate the area of your home that is having issues. Whether it's a tight crawl space or a finished basement, your consultant will physically examine every inch of the space to determine exactly where the root of the problem lies, assuring that we can provide a real, long-term solution instead of just a quick fix. He or she then drafts up a solution-oriented plan tailored to remediating your home's specific issue(s) and explains in detail each aspect of the proposal. We only present products and solutions that are specific to the original problem and the initial appointment and estimate is alway free of charge!

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