Product Profile: Mold-X2

In humid environments, particularly those that stay dark and still, mold is able to freely grow and thrive. We discuss the common types of household molds and their risks here, but how do you get rid of that icky stuff on your walls ASAP? Dehumidifying and encapsulating the affected space is a Product Profile: Mold-X2 - Image 1sure-fire way to prevent regrowth, but something needs to be done about the mold that is there right now! 

Fortunately, we have a product that will solve that problem in literally seconds. Our Mold-X2 Stain Remover is highly effective for cleaning surfaces contaminated with mold, inlcuding wood and stone. The stains disappear before your eyes in under 20 seconds! Ventilation is recommended for a few hours after we spray this, as there is a slight odor. Additionally, to prevent the return of the mold, we can also apply our Mold-X2 botanical disinfectant - this is an antimicrobial fungicide that uses an all-natural, thyme based formula. 

Typically, we use Mold-X2 in tandem with our other encapsulating and waterproofing solutions to completely solve all issues for good.


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