How A Vapor Barrier Works As A Radon Barrier

Radon is a naturally occurring gas that rises up from the ground. It is known to be a carcinogenic agent and can enter homes through the foundation. Radon mitigation systems reduce the amount of radon that enters the home by sucking the gas up and out of the house. These systems use a fan to How A Vapor Barrier Works As A Radon Barrier - Image 1collect and expel the radon from the ground, so it doesn't seep into the home in harmful levels. The fan is installed under the foundation of the home and is usually sealed to the lining of the floor (which is usually in a crawl space). The sucking action of the fan pulls the barrier tightly around the fan to prevent any leakage of the radon gas.

Sometimes, we see crawl spaces that use common black plastic tarps to line their crawl space, doubling as a vapor barrier and a radon barrier that seals around the fan. This method is not nearly effective as encapsulating your crawl space with a thicker vapor barrier that is resistant to wear and tear, and can be more sufficiently sealed around the radon fan. Our CleanSpace 20 mil. thick vapor barrier is a perfect option to address both needs. We seal the CleanSpace barrier against the walls of the crawl space to waterproof and insulate it, and it can also be tightly sealed around a radon fan. Not only does this waterproof your crawl space to keep it free of excessive moisture, it also provides a much safer and more reliable seal around a radon fan. 


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