Product Profile: Foamax

Wednesday, February 17th, 2021 by Crystal Bonner

In winter months, cold basement walls can make your entire basement chilly. Porous concrete walls conduct heat easily, allowing heat that you have paid for to easily seep through and escape outside. These cold concrete walls can also create condensation in the summer months. 

The solution to these issues is Foamax Basement Wall Insulation. 

Foamax Sample

Foamax is an energy-efficient thermal insulation foam board made of closed cell polyisocyanurate, bonded to a durable, embossed aluminum face on both sides. One side has a white acrylic coating and the other has a reflective surface with a clear coating. Foamax offers superior R-Value performance over many other products, with an R-value of 6 per inch! It also has a Class-A fire rating, meaning it meets 15-minute flame spread testing requirements. 

Foamax makes a big difference in the temperature of your walls, providing a more comfortable basement, and lowering heating costs. Looking for a price? Contact 3 Pros Basement Systems for a no obligation, free estimate

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