Warm Weather Foundation Checklist

The transition from spring to summer is one of heat, humidity, and increased precipitation, and here is a quick checklist to make sure your foundation is ready!

This list applies to your basement and crawl spaces!

  • Mystery Water

    • Are there random puddles in your basement of pools of water in your crawl spaces? This may be related to hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure is the pressure water exerts when it is resting. Assuming your home is partially in the ground, Hydrostatic pressure is more than likely affecting your home. Your home has to constantly battle this pressure from the water table. 

    • Mystery Water comes into play when the solid around your foundation is oversaturated. When increased saturation becomes increased pressure, and the water moves to find a lower pressure area. This lower pressure area is also known as your home. Through the process of osmosis water can actually travel directly through your foundation walls. 

    • To learn more about different ways moisture gets into your home click here.

  • New Cracks

    • If you live in a newly built home, a crack or two in the first few months of the house settling in is pretty standard, so don’t fret. 

    • If you live in an older home, this should raise a legitimate concern, what changed that created this crack? 

    • Check for wall cracks regularly as they are much easier to treat if caught early. Cracks are less so a structural concern, but more so a moisture concern. Click here to learn more.

    • If you want to DIY fix a wall crack, please check out this article before you make that decision.

  • Existing Cracks

    • This time of year there is lots of movement in the earth around your home, so not only should you be on the lookout for new cracks, but you should pay attention to the size and shape of existing ones. 

    • A simple trick is to mark with tape or pencil the size of the crack so you can easily tell if it changes over the transition into summer! 

  • Upstairs Changes

    • Subtle changes that are very telling exist outside of basements and crawl spaces, they are even in your living areas! Pay attention to little changes like sticky windows or a crack in your countertop or a new slant in the floor. All of these little signs are telling us that the house is sinking more so then just settling in. 

    • If you notice multiple of these little signs please give us a call.


Now that you know what to look for and if you should be concerned, make sure to add this checklist to your annual chore list! If you notice something that seems problematic, don't worry! We have a wide range of top-of-the-line technology that only we have access to in the Nothern Virginia area! If you are in Centreville, VA, or all the way out to the West Virginia border we have a solution for you!


If you are concerned about mysterious pools of water or a new crack, give us a call and book an appointment for a free audit today! 


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