Finding and Fixing Sagging Floors

Tuesday, May 19th, 2020 by Jason Brown

Finding and Fixing Sagging Floors

If your home has crawl spaces underneath the house, then sagging floors is something you may need to keep an eye out for. The “cute quirkiness” that makes us love our homes like slanted floors and sticky windows are more than what makes our home special, they are signs and symptoms of structural issues. If your office chair has a mind of its own and rolls to the same spot in the room every-time you walk away, what is it trying to tell you? Check your crawl space for sagging floors (is what it is secretly screaming)!!!!

This is a more common issue than you might think, and here at 3 Pros, we use a patented product to support those saggy spots. This new high-tech product is an alternative to the cinder block columns that contractors typically install to combat this issue. The SmartJack is a steel support system that is used to stabilize and support the floor joists. To install this product we remove a small cube of soil and pour concrete around the base of the SmartJack to hold it in place. This product bears over 60,000 pounds, so it should be plenty supportive for the average home! What makes this product extra unique is its adjustable feature! This system will raise your floors and stop settling. 


To read more about other signs for structural issues you should routinely check for in your crawlspaces and basements click here


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