Basement Waterproofing Customer Testimonial from Stephanie F. in Alexandria, VA

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"Both are working great! The equipment is in the basement. From the main floor when walking up the stairs, there is a landing with a turn to go up the remaining stairs to get to bedrooms upstairs. At the landing there is a gap between the railing and the wall that faces towards front of the house. This wall contains one large window that goes from the landing of the basement stairs to the top ceiling of the house. The gap is about 6-7 inches. Before the equipment installed, we had a regular dehumidifier downstairs running constantly.  However, at the landing of the stairs between main floor and upstairs, you could always smell moisture coming from the basement through this gap. Since the new equipment installed, the smell is completely gone!  

The basement is completely dry. There is no smell of moisture at all."


So far, we are very happy with how the new equipment is performing. 





- Stephanie F. of Alexandria, VA
Friday, January 13th
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