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Crawl Space Repair Before & After Photos

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Leesburg VA Crawl Space Waterproofing Old Stone Foundation

This home in Leesburg Virginia had a stone foundation and a crawl space with unwanted water. The existing sump pump setup was not properly designed to discharge the unwanted water and keep the space as dry as the homeowner would like. Our certified home performance sales pro, Jason, visited and performed a free estimate to design a project to give the homeowner a result they were looking for. A smart drain pipe was installed along the base of the walls underground to collect water coming inside and deliver it to the newly installed sump pump with battery installed. Terra Block moisture barrier was placed across the dirt floor before having Clean Space vapor barrier installed overtop and up the sides of the crawl space walls. Spray Foam insulation was used to seal in the Clean Space. Finally a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier was installed to draw any additional moisture out of the air draining it into the sump pump for discharge out of the home. This crawl space will now be dry and have healthier quality air all of which will make a healthier and more comfortable home for the rooms above.

Purcellville VA Cold Floor Solutions

This home in Purcellville VA had issues with floors that were too cold in the Fall and Winter months of the year.  The homeowners called us to see if we could help design a project to fix it.  Our Home Performance Sales Pro Pedro inspected the crawl space and discovered that the existing insulation was not performing properly due to uncontrolled air in the crawl space and a lack of all around insulation.  Our team removed the old insulation in the space and then sealed up the rim joists with Spray Foam.  Clean Space was installed throughout the crawl space on the walls, floors and foundation supports to act as a moisture barrier and insulation from the cold dirt floors.  Having eliminated the flow of external air which brought in outside temperatures, dust and allergens, this space was now more controlled and the air quality in the home would improve.  

Purcellville Virginia Crawl Space Insulation Transformation

Customer called us with concerns about their poorly insulated crawl space. Our certified home energy sales pro, Jason, visited the home where he created a plan that would remove and replace the existing batt insulation along with a complete crawl space transformation which would solve the problem with excellence.

Vienna VA Crawl Space Repair

Customer called us with a inefficient and nasty crawl space. Our certified home performance sales pro, Carl, visited the home for a free estimate and created a plan that would encapsulate the homeowners crawl space using Clean Space and Spray Foam providing a beautiful transformation. Here is the before and after.

Mc Lean Virginia Crawl Space CleanSpace

Customer called us with concerns about their inefficient crawl space that was raising energy costs. Our certified home energy sales pro, Pedro, visited the home where he created a plan that would transform the homeowners crawl space and reduce the energy costs year round.

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