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Purcellville VA Cold Floor Solutions

This home in Purcellville VA had issues with floors that were too cold in the Fall and Winter months of the year.  The homeowners called us to see if we could help design a project to fix it.  Our Home Performance Sales Pro Pedro inspected the crawl space and discovered that the existing insulation was not performing properly due to uncontrolled air in the crawl space and a lack of all around insulation.  Our team removed the old insulation in the space and then sealed up the rim joists with Spray Foam.  Clean Space was installed throughout the crawl space on the walls, floors and foundation supports to act as a moisture barrier and insulation from the cold dirt floors.  Having eliminated the flow of external air which brought in outside temperatures, dust and allergens, this space was now more controlled and the air quality in the home would improve.  

Woodbridge VA Crawl Space Upgrade

This crawl space was nasty, unusable, humid and was leading to cold floors in the rooms above.  Our team was able to complete a project that would turn the space into a useable, clean area of the home with controlled air and no more cold floors above.  

Locust Grove VA Crawl Space Air Quality Control

One of the leading causes of home performance issues, and specifically mildew and mold issues in crawl spaces, is uncontrolled air flow.  Most crawl spaces are designed with vents that people leave open all year long.  This allows external air, moisture, dust and allergens to enter the crawl space.  That air eventually works its way into the living spaces of the home above and is what the homeowners will breath.  Capping and air sealing crawl space vents is often the first step in turning a nasty crawl space into a controlled environment that can positively improve the health and comfort of the people living in a home.  Silver Glo insulation panels are seen here, cut to fit the vents and then air sealed with Zyp Foam.  

Leesburg VA Crawlspace Upgrade

This Leesburg, VA home was suffering from a high risk of water damage and mold growth, and a musty odor that was permeating the home. This was having a serious negative impact on the comfort level of the home. When our sales professional Matt went out to the property to perform a full home inspection, he determined that the best course of action to end their discomfort would be to waterproof the primary areas of concern namely the crawlspace. Matt explained to the homeowners that the primary cause of their discomfort was the complete lack of adequate waterproofing within the crawlspace. After the homeowners agreed to Matt's solution our service crews went out to get to work on the home. The crews started by removing the old inadequate tarp that served as the only method of waterproofing. Then they Installed TerraBlock floor insulation in the crawlspace. After that, they installed CleanSpace covering to add an additional layer of waterproofing. Finally, the crew added SilverGlo rigid foam insulation to the walls to act as a final layer of insulation to keep the home comfortable.

Leesburg VA Crawl Space Solution

This Leesburg VA crawl space was in bad shape before our Home Performance Sales Pro Eric came out to perform a free home inspection.  Eric was able to identify a need for our CleanSpace and SilverGlo  products to help manage the water and moisture in the crawl space and keep the space properly insulated.  This will help improve the air quality of the home as well as the comfort and energy efficiency.  

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