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CleanSpace Encapsulation System in Herndon, VA

A homeowner in Herndon, VA wanted to reduce the chances of mold and humidity in their crawl space area. This crawl space was vented, like most homes in our area, and the vents let warm humid air in which is cooled by the subterranean crawl space. This causes relative humidity to go way up and condensation to form all over the crawl space surfaces including floor joists and ducts. Then mold can grow, wood will rot, and musty odors can appear. To address this, the 3 Pros team sealed up the vents and a dimpled plastic drainage matting is installed on the floor to create a thermal break. A heavy duty liner, CleanSpace, is installed across the floor over the matting and up the walls. Finally closed cell spray foam is installed on the walls to the top of the rim joist. 

CleanSpace and SilverGlo Installation

This crawl space had a rocky dirt floor and needed insulation to keep the surrounding rooms conditioned. We applied CleanSpace liner wall-to-wall and SilverGlo insulation to achieve conditioning.

Crawl Space Goes From Nasty to Nice

This crawl space was in very poor shape when we arrived. There was excessive water damage to the foundation, walls, and fiberglass insulation. In fact, the insulation was so heavily saturated with water and mold that it was falling off the walls and ceiling. The homeowner was using duct tape to keep the insulation up! We removed the damaged insulation and installed an encapsulation system and Sedona dehumidifier to keep the crawl space clean, dry, and energy efficient moving forward.

Dehumidifying a Basement in Bluemont, VA

Homeowners in Bluemont, VA were experiencing mildew smells and high humidity. Their allergies were flaring up because of this. 3 Pros Basement Systems alleviated these issues. We controlled the humidity coming in by removing all of the existing insulation, sealed up the sump basin, and installed our CleanSpace wall system. We then dehumidified the basement further by installing our Sedona dehumidifier. 

Crawl Space Makeover in Arlington, VA

Homeowners in Arlington, VA had a crawlspace that had old, moldy, non-effective insulation in it. The team at 3 Pros Basement Systems transformed the crawlspace using our CleanSpace encapsulation system. This system keeps the crawlspace healthy, warm, dry, and critter free. 

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