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Installation of our SmartDrain in a Crawl Space

The SmartDrain System is a crawl space drain that includes a bottomless liner and an airtight lid. If a plumbing failure occurs, this system will drain the water beneath your vapor barrier, preventing it from collecting in the space.

The SmartDrain is installed within a drywell created during the installation. A fill of clean drainage stone is used around to isolate the drain from the dirt to prevent clogging.

Our system features a unique ball-and-cup drain system. When water enters the cup, the ball floats and opens the drain -- sealing again when no water remains. When the system detects water, a unique WaterWatch Alarm will sound off, alerting you of an issue.

Here, you can see a drywell being created in a Bumpass, VA crawl space. The SmartDrain is then placed in the hole and backfilled with drainage stone. 

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