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Crawl Space Repair Case Studies: Mildew Odors-Jeffersonton, VA

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018 by Justin Dobson


This Jeffersonton, VA homeonwer was complaining that their home always smelled like mildew. Friends and family would visit and often complain that when they left they carried the odor with them in their clothes.

3 Pros Basement Systems performed a FREE comfort evaluation of the home to find the house was built over a vented crawl space. This vented crawl space was allowing hot air in the summer and hitting cold surfaces which was raising the humidity level over the 60% mark for mildew to grow.

3 Pros Basement Systems put together a solution that would not only rid the home of the mildew odors, it would lower the utility bills and make the floors warmer in the winter months!!!


The crawl space was "encapsulated" and turned into indoor space.  Now the humidity level and temperature were very similar tot he living space above.  No more mildew odors!!!

First the crawl space floor was covered with dimple matting. This allows the dirt below to dry out if it ever gets wet.

Next, the floor was covered with CleanSpace, which is an anti-microbial insulation that keeps the Earth from absorbing the heat out of the crawl space. Plus, it provides a protective cushion for the vapor barrier above.

Then, Clean Space 20 mil, anti-microbial vapor barrier is intalled to keep humidity in the Earth, not the crawl space.

Finally the vents are sealed and the walls of the crawl space are sprayed with 2" of closed cell spray foam to air seal and insulate the crawl making it part of the indoor environment. 

For added meaures this homeowner chose to install a "smart drain" which sets off an alarm if a water line in the xrawl space were to break and start flooding!!!

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Evaluator: Corey Hatcher

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