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Crawl Space Repair Case Studies: Dehumidifying a Basement in Bluemont, VA

Monday, February 24th, 2020 by Crystal Bonner


Mr. and Mrs. P. who live in Bluemont, VA, were experiencing mildew smells and high humidity in their basement. They are dog owners and their dogs were experiencing allergies due to the mildew and humidity. 


To fix Mr. & Mrs. P.'s home we had to both control the humidity that was coming into the basement and also dehumidify the basement air. The 3 Pros Basement Waterproofing team sealed the existing sump basin to stop humid air from evaporating into the house. We removed all of the fiberglass insulation in the basement because the fiberglass was holding humidity like a sponge. We installed our CleanSpace wall system, which creates an effective moisture and vapor barrier. Finally, we installed a high performance dehumidifier, the SaniDry Sedona. The Sedona prevents mold and reduces musty odors, giving you dry healthy air and total comfort.

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Evaluator: Stephen Raddie

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