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Crawl Space Repair Case Studies: Full Repair and Insulation of Nasty Crawl Space

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019 by Ashley Walther


This West McLean, VA home was complaining of cold floors in the winter, plus musty odors in the summer.  The crawl space was open to the outside of the home which allows hot/humid air under the floors in the summer.  It also allows freezing cold air under the floors making them cold in the winter.


First, we removed the nasty batt insulation that was falling down and disposed of it all properly.  Then, we installed SilverGlo foam board insulation around the perimeter and installed CleanSpace anti-microbial vapor barrier on the floors. The CleanSpace is held in place with tape in some sections, and foam spray in others.

Now the floors above the crawl space are nice and cozy warm in the winter.  During the summer months, there will be less heat and humidity under the floors. Thus, less mold/mildew odors to penetrate into this home's air.  This makes the indoor air healthier for these residents.

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