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Crawl Space Repair Photo Album: Beautiful Crawl Space Transformation!

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A homeowner called us with a dire situation in their crawl space. They had tried time after time to remediate the problems on their own but to no avail. The crawl space had a dirt floor with no drainage matting or encapsulation on both the ground and the stone/brick walls. The concrete foundation showed extensive evidence of water leakage and damage. The ceiling was littered with badly damaged fiberglass insulation that was moldy and sagging, and the homeowners had been using duct tape to try and keep the insulation from literally falling out of the ceiling! Additionally, their wooden rim joists and supports were beginning to show signs of mold/rot and were starting to sag as well. This crawl space needed our help, badly!

First things first, the damaged fiberglass insulation that was no longer serving any purpose needed to be removed. Then, wall-to-wall CleanSpace liner was installed. This thick liner is very flexible and puncture/tear resistant: it separates the crawl space from the dirt ground and is sealed to the walls to control the moisture seepage previously affecting the space. Then, open cell spray foam was meticulously applied to overtop of the CleanSpace lining on the walls and brick support pillars to ensure the air in the crawl space remains conditioned, healthy, and otherwise not affecting the temperature of the rest of the home. For added protection, we installed a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier to dry and filter the air of the crawl space, keeping the home below 55% relative humidity - for reference, mold and dust mites cannot survive in conditions of such low relative humidity. 

Overall, this project turned out beautifully and we were able to provide our multi-faceted solution oriented approach to ensure that all of the issues contributing to this problematic crawl space were fixed, once and for all.

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